good days are here

Before you happend,
I was the girl with a broken smile on her lips.
Somedays everything just got terrible.
but when you're by my side everything is so perfekt
I really did found myself with you.
before, I did'nt know who I was
when I have you i don't see all my problems
they just flying away with the wind.
waking up without you is compleatly wrong
I see this as a new side of life, 
A side I never seen before
I'm so happy that I have you
And I can call you for my own.
I wish the time just could stand still
so this never will be ruined.
but i trust you,
you're all that i live for now

tack för att du finns

2009-08-24 @ 10:11:08 Sofia försöker vara poetisk Permalink

Postat av: Louise

fint skrivet:)

2009-09-20 @ 17:24:06

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